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735 State Street, Suite 515
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Santa Maria Care and Referral Center

Serving the Communities Unsheltered Homeless
C3H Regional Coordinated Outreach and Care & Referral Centers
Every community experiencing homelessness has a homeless population who is chronic and vulnerable and face barriers to entering the support services system.  Long-term relational trust is needed to bridge them to the services they desire and/or need.  This trust can be established through coordinated outreach and care and referral centers.
Teams who engage local partners and volunteers to bring sustained outreach to strategic regional areas accomplish Coordinated Outreach.
Care and Referral Centers are city sites where partnering agencies and volunteers engage with the unsheltered homeless on established days of the week.
Coordinated Outreach and Care & Referral Centers accomplish similar goals:
Meet the basic needs of the unsheltered homeless
Help “trust build” unsheltered homeless to regional service providers
Obtain valuable data to help individuals and gain insight into the overall need of the community
Help those experiencing homeless fill out various applications – housing, employment, social security, vulnerability indexes
Help the unsheltered homeless with healthy reunifications 
Flexible Local Dollar Funds
Flexible local dollars assist Care & Referral Centers with needed funds to bring incentives to the unsheltered homeless community to fill out forms that assist them long term acquire services.  These funds can also be used for healthy reunifications with family members, agencies, or employment opportunities outside of the local region.
C3H Santa Maria Care and Referral Center
Santa Maria Care and Referral Site – Salvation Army, 200 W Cook Street
Day and Time – Wednesday Noon (Start Date October 5)
Care Provided:
New Socks
Relational Supports
Referrals Provided:
Shelter Programs
Housing Applications
Vulnerability Indexes
Reunification Surveys
Mental Health Referrals
Health Care Applications (Medi-Cal)
Current Needs:
Funding for new socks
Funding for Incentive Cards (Vulnerability Index)
Trained Volunteers for Referrals
Partners to Engage:
Public Health
Behavioral Wellness
Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce
Salvation Army
Crestwood Christian Fellowship
Rotary Club
Showers of Blessing
Good Samaritan
Marian Medical Center
City of Santa Maria
Veterinarian & Pet Care
Landlord Liaison Partnership
Peoples Self Help Housing


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