Central Coast Collaborative on Homelessness Vision Statement: C3H will harness all resources available to reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness, as well as minimize the impacts of homelessness in Santa Barbara County.

C3H Pillars/Goals: 

  • Prevent homelessness
  • Support the expansion of housing for the homeless
  • Build a results- and data-driven culture     
  • Elevate community dialogue, support, and collaboration regarding homelessness    
  • Encourage commitment to self-sufficiency


               *Housing First                    *Housing Ready                    *Family/Employer Reunification

Our Story

C3H is a regional collaborative effort focused on housing those without homes that brings together homeless services agencies, government, community based organizations, other local groups, non-profits, foundations, faith communities, street friends, business and community leaders, and individuals. 

C3H is organized into several hubs to encourage continual cross-sector communication, innovation and leadership.  Please visit the Policy Council, Coordination Committee, HST and CAG pages to learn more.

C3H uses a Collective Impact organizational model to develop shared measurement systems and collect data that can be used to make service delivery decisions.  The collaborative implements Best Practices and uses volunteers to promote mutually reinforcing activities among participants.

C3H is about aligning and coordinating resources to solve homelessness.

C3H is about aligning and coordinating resources to solve homelessness.